Coffee w/Chris #19: Holiday Job Searches

The holiday season is a great time to find a new job.

The vast majority of job seekers put off applying to positions during the holiday season thinking that their resume won’t get much attention. These people are wrong. In fact, the last 6 weeks of the year is one of the best times to find new work.

Join us for Coffee w/Chris #20 where we will have a conversation on why the holiday season is a great time to look for a job. We’ll also discuss the strategies holiday job seekers should use to get the most out of their efforts.

This is a live and interactive event. You’ll have the chance to submit questions during registration and during the coffee talk. Register for free here:

Get an idea as to what these events are all about…

REPLAY: Interview Question Prep

REPLAY: Fashion Resume Tune-up

REPLAY: Career Fair Success Tips

REPLAY: Entry/Early Career Advice

REPLAY: Resume Q&A2 – Experienced Professionals

REPLAY: Warning Signs

REPLAY: Job Search Profiles

REPLAY: Interview Red Flags

REPLAY: Fashion Recruiter’s Pet Peeves

REPLAY: Fashion Resume Q&A

REPLAY: Salary Negotiations in the Fashion Industry

REPLAY: Uncovering Toxic Workplaces in the Fashion Industry

REPLAY: Ageism & Fashion Industry Employment

REPLAY: AI & Your Job Search

REPLAY: Beat the Bots!

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