Coffee w/Chris: AI & Your Job Search

Artificial Intelligence has been coming on strong in 2023. Job seekers who embrace this technology will likely have advantages in the job market over those who don.t. Join us for a conversation on the best ways to utilize AI for your job search.

What will be covered?

Is Artificial Intelligence robust enough to conduct your job search for you? Of course not. However, there are many ways to use AI to make your job search more effective and less time consuming. In this free seminar we will discuss the best ways to use AI for…

…cover letters


…customizing resumes for specific job applications

…getting the most out of LinkedIn

…interview preparation

We will also provide ChatGTP prompts that will be useful in getting the most out of your queries.

Join us at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific for a live discussion on how best to use Artificial Intelligence for your job search!

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Amy Danuser
As the Director of Customer Service at, Amy is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the website, and ensuring the delivery of exceptional service.
Chris Kidd
Chris is the founder of,, and
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